Thu, January 18, 24

Texas Extends Medicaid Coverage for New Moms on March 1st

What’s new: CMS has approved Texas as the 43rd state to extend full Medicaid and CHIP coverage for new…

Tue, October 10, 23

Open-Enrollment at Set for 10 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! This fall marks the 10th anniversary of open-enrollment for the Affordable Care Act’s “individual market” at,…

Tue, June 20, 23

Get the Inside Scoop on Latest Health Care Laws: TAHP’s 88th Legislative Session Highlights Guide

Today, we launched our End-of-Session Highlights Guide for the 88th Texas Regular Session, explaining all of the health care, health insurance,…

Mon, February 13, 23

Medicaid Monday: The Unwinding Has Begun

Beginning January 28, Texans enrolled in Medicaid started receiving notice from HHSC informing them of the Medicaid unwinding. The end of continuous Medicaid coverage means millions of Texans who have not had to reapply for Medicaid in the last three years will have to go through the process soon. Members who have not signed up for alerts on will receive a letter in the mail.

Thu, February 2, 23

ACA sign-ups continue to surge in Texas

 A record-breaking 16.3 million Americans enrolled in ACA plans for 2023. Florida had the highest number with 3.2 million and Texas…

Thu, January 26, 23

TAHP’s Legislative Guide is here

TAHP’s agenda focuses on creating increasing affordable coverage and building on the success of Medicaid managed care in the state.

The full guide gives a comprehensive explanation of health insurance issues for the legislative session, the agenda focuses on key, proactive items.

Thu, July 28, 22

Value of Coverage: Healthy Communities

Health plans focus not just on the health of individual members, they also invest in the health of communities. By helping to build strong communities, health plans support better health outcomes for everyone. Since the beginning stages of the pandemic, Superior HealthPlan has worked with more than 70 schools and organizations in Texas to launch and fund hygiene closets for lower-income neighborhoods. Grants to the community-based organizations hosting the closets help organizations meet people’s basic needs and create community connection.

Thu, June 16, 22

Value of Coverage: Mental Health

People with health insurance have better access to care, and importantly that includes mental health care. Two recent studies show that people with insurance not only have better access to mental health services, but they are overwhelmingly satisfied with the services they receive.

Wed, December 8, 21

Texans Deserve More Than a Health Care Safety Net

For many of the five million uninsured Texans, our state’s health care safety net is their routine source of health care and final life line. Although critically important for these Texans, it’s worth asking, “why is a safety net the first and only option for so many Texans?” Proponents of safety net only policies fail to realize that safety net care should be a last resort, not a plan for a healthy Texas.

Fri, November 19, 21

What Drives Healthy Outcomes?

Experts agree that as much as 80% of a person’s health is determined by factors outside of direct medical care, including where they are born, grow, live, and work. To encourage better outcomes, health plans are working in communities to help address social barriers to good health, including the need for access to reliable and affordable transportation.

Wed, August 11, 21

Texas Covered Conference + Expo Agenda Release

Today, the Texas Association of Health Plans released its agenda for the upcoming Texas Covered Conference + Expo, which will be held November 8-10 in Austin, Texas.

Tue, June 22, 21

TAHP’s End of Session Guide

Like every session, the 87th Texas Legislature was full of action and surprises. Throughout the 140 days of the regular session, Texas Association of Health Plans was monitoring and actively participating every step of the way, all with the goal of helping our members as they endeavor to make Texas a healthier place.

Wed, June 9, 21

Apply To Speak! – Texas Covered 2021

Covered Conference + Expo that will take place in person in Austin (COVID permitting) from November 8-10. The conference is the largest event of its kind in Texas and brings together decision-makers from across the health care spectrum—from major health plans, providers, and regulators, to legislators, journalists, academics, and more.

Sun, October 4, 20

100 Days Until the Texas Legislative Session

Today marks 100 days until the beginning of Texas’ 87th Legislative Session. Last year, we had great success advocating for and passing several pieces of legislation that protect Texans from the high costs of surprise billing, expensive drug prices, and price gouging at freestanding emergency rooms, but our fight for more affordable, comprehensive health care isn’t over.

Tue, July 25, 17

Healthplan Highlights from the 85th Legislature Released

The 85th Legislative Session has come to a close, and the Texas Association of Health Plans is pleased to report on a number of important achievements made possible through comprehensive communications, education, and advocacy strategy carried out in coordination and collaboration with each of our members.