Medicaid Drug Coverage

Texas Medicaid Managed Care Has Cut Drug Cost Growth in Half.

As a result of Medicaid managed care, Texas Medicaid prescription drug cost growth dropped by 50% and is now three times better than the national average.

Medicaid prescription drug spending and outcomes are transparent and available online.

Texas’ Medicaid managed care prescription drug coverage is an affordable and efficient prescription drug program that helps Texans get healthy and stay healthy.

Reduced opioid abuse & deaths

Reduce emergency room visits

Reduce hospitalization for asthma & diabetes

Managed care significantly reduced hospital stays for expensive chronic diseases by 35%

89% reduction in use of the Houston cocktail a mix of deadly drugs that included Viocodin, Xanax, and Soma

Texas Medicaid managed care has saved more than $5 billion for
Texas taxpayers and provided Texans the care and coordination
they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

TAHP’s Recommendation

The prescription drug benefit in Texas Medicaid is heavily influenced
by pharmaceutical companies, causing higher costs, physician
administrative burdens, and delays in access to necessary medications.
Allowing managed care organizations to fully manage the Medicaid PDL
would improve patient care, save taxpayer dollars, and modernize
the Medicaid system.

This implementation has already been delayed 10 years due to
pharmaceutical lobbying, and it is crucial that Texas prioritizes
the needs of its citizens and the effectiveness of its health care system
over protecting pharmaceutical profits. Further delays will harm
health outcomes, access to prescription drugs, and efforts to improve
patient outcomes, as well as significantly increase Medicaid costs.

States with managed care coordination of drug coverage save 21%
compared to states that do not use managed care.

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Medicaid Drug Coverage

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