Comment Letters

November 2023

TAHP Recommends HHSC Request Funding for Mental Health in 2026-27 LAR

TAHP Recommends Medicaid Cost Containment Initiatives to HHSC

October 2023

TAHP Comments on Incomplete Prior Authorization Rules

TAHP Comments on Ambulance and ERISA Opt in Surprise Billing Rules (HB 1592 & SB 2476)

August 2023

TAHP Comments on Proposed Rule Amendments Concerning the eHAC Extension

TAHP Comments on Proposed Chemical Dependency Rule

July 2023

TAHP’s Comments to HHSC on Outpatient Hospital Reimbursement Methodology

March 2023

TAHP Comments to TDI on Proposed Changes to 28 TAC

February 2023

TAHP Comment to TDI on Extraterritoriality

January 2023

TAHP Comments to Proposed HB 4 Rules