Employees Remain Highly Satisfied With Job-Based Health Coverage

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By: TAHP | Monday, May 13, 2024

Coverage Satisfaction: AHIP’s Coverage@Work campaign reveals that employees with job-based health coverage are overwhelmingly satisfied with their health plans.

Why it matters: 14 million Texans have job-based health coverage, making Texas employers the single largest source of coverage in the state. With employee satisfaction high, lawmakers should focus on supporting employers and avoid adding costs and excessive regulations.

New survey results by the numbers:

  • 89% of respondents said their employer-provided coverage included a convenient provider network.
  • 88% agree that they can find in-network providers with the tools offered by their plan.
  • 78% of rural respondents feel their employer-provided health insurance gives them access to high-quality providers.
  • 71% agreed or strongly agreed that their ability to manage chronic conditions is better with employer-based coverage.

Cost Concerns: Despite high satisfaction, cost concerns remain. Employers struggle with rising premiums while maintaining high-quality benefits.

  • Premiums have increased by nearly 40% over the past decade.
  • Only 27% of small employers offer coverage in Texas.
  • 87% of Texas employers say health care costs are rising at an unsustainable rate, with employees losing 5% in wages due to these costs.
  • 78% of Texas employers rank health care costs as one of the top issues affecting their business.

What Can Be Done? As Texas lawmakers focus on the 89th legislative session, give employers more flexibility and options to continue providing high-quality coverage to most Texans:

  1. Allow Flexibility for Shopping Incentives: Employers should have the flexibility to reward employees who choose high-value, low-cost care.
  2. Promote Value-Based Care: Allow health plans and primary care doctors to adopt advanced primary care models together like direct primary care, which offer comprehensive care for a monthly fee, for high-quality care.
  3. Ensure Transparent Mandate Costs: Most states estimate the cost of mandates before passing bills, ensuring lawmakers understand the impact on businesses and families.
  4. Protect ERISA Self-Funded Alternatives: Oppose legislative efforts to impose costly mandates on self-funded (ERISA) plans to maintain affordable and innovative coverage alternatives for employers.

The bottom line: Employers are the backbone of coverage in Texas, and studies repeatedly show high satisfaction rates. But still, cost concerns remain high. The future of employer-provided coverage depends on giving employers more flexibility, avoiding high-cost mandates, and protecting innovative solutions that make health care affordable for Texans.

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