Texas Leads the Way: Top 5 Things You Should Know About Employer-Provided Coverage

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By: TAHP | Thursday, February 29, 2024

Here’s the deal: Employer-provided coverage delivers high-quality, affordable access to care for nearly 14 million Texans, spanning across businesses of all sizes and industries. By providing the most efficient path to benefits for families, Texas businesses continue to be the back-bone of health coverage for the state.

1 big thing: The numbers don’t lie. With more than half of all covered Texans receiving their health plan at work, employer-based coverage stands as the leading source of health coverage.

  • Nationally: A remarkable 89% of all U.S. workers have access to job-based health benefits, ensuring health and financial security for individuals and families in every tax bracket. Additionally, 50% of children in the U.S. get health coverage through a parent’s job.

Takeaway #2: The strong majority of consumers with employer-provided coverage are satisfied with their current coverage. Driving this high satisfaction, the reasons are clear: employer-provided health plans deliver affordability and comprehensive coverage.

Takeaway #3: The consumers are right, employer-based coverage provides the most efficient and affordable type of health care coverage. Let’s zoom in and see how this works:

  • Employers rely on health benefits to attract the best workers, so they cover the bulk of monthly premiums for the most extensive and comprehensive coverage around. In-turn, this prioritizes health, and increases productivity for businesses.

Takeaway #4: Employer-based coverage provides the most comprehensive kind of care, providing Texans with access to a vast range of doctors, providers, and high-quality benefits, including: preventive care, prescription drugs, and emergency care.

  • As employers are able to choose a plan of most value to their employees, benefits often go well beyond the federally mandated “essential health benefits.” For example, half of employers cover acupuncture as an added benefit. 

Takeaway #5: Going above and beyond in driving a strong economy, employer-provided coverage creates a secure workforce—paying for itself while producing a substantial return on investment.

The bottom-line: Employer-provided coverage plays a critical role in keeping our nation healthy. TAHP continues to advocate for market‐based solutions that allow for continuous improvements in quality and affordability.

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