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Thu, February 29, 24

Texas Leads the Way: Top 5 Things You Should Know About Employer-Provided Coverage

Here’s the deal: Employer-provided coverage delivers high-quality, affordable access to care for nearly 14 million Texans, spanning across businesses…

Fri, February 2, 24

Good News: The No Surprises Act Protects Consumers from Over 10M Surprise Bills

What’s new: A recent AHIP and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association survey reveals the No Surprises Act (NSA) has prevented over 10…

Tue, January 30, 24

Texas Leads the Way: Top 5 Things You Should Know About the Individual Market

Let’s dive in: While most Texans are covered through their employer, millions of Texas’ entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others…

Thu, January 18, 24

Texas Extends Medicaid Coverage for New Moms on March 1st

What’s new: CMS has approved Texas as the 43rd state to extend full Medicaid and CHIP coverage for new…

Thu, January 11, 24

Last Call for ACA Enrollment: Record-Breaking 3.3 Million Texans Already Signed Up

Don’t Miss Out: Open enrollment for the ACA’s individual market ends on Tuesday, January 16, at midnight. This is…

Wed, January 10, 24

FDA Approves First State Plan to Import Drugs from Canada

What’s new: Just last week, the FDA approved a Florida proposal to purchase drugs directly from wholesalers in Canada—a…

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