Freestanding Emergency Rooms

December 13, 2022

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Thu, December 7, 23

New Texas Law Bans Surprise Ambulance Bills

What’s New: Starting January 1, 2024, Texas patients will benefit from new protections against surprise ambulance billing, thanks to…

Thu, November 30, 23

New Texas Medicaid Law Protects Families from Drug Shortages

What’s new? A new Texas law will significantly improve medication access for over 4 million Medicaid and CHIP patients,…

Mon, October 30, 23

Texas Leads the Way in Health Insurance Competition

Open enrollment for individual coverage starts Nov. 1st, and Texans have more choices than ever. Leading the pack in…

Mon, October 23, 23

Annual Employer Health Benefits Survey Reveals Health Premiums Surge by 7% in 2023

What’s new: Kaiser Family Foundation released its 25th annual report on employer health benefits for 2023. After a year…

Tue, October 10, 23

Open-Enrollment at Set for 10 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! This fall marks the 10th anniversary of open-enrollment for the Affordable Care Act’s “individual market” at,…

Fri, October 6, 23

Are You Getting the Real Price? New Study Finds A Huge Gap Between Online and Over-the-Phone Hospital Quotes

A new secret shopper study by University of Texas researchers discovered that hospital prices posted online can be wildly…

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