Texas Leads the Way: Top 5 Things You Should Know About the Individual Market

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By: TAHP | Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Let’s dive in: While most Texans are covered through their employer, millions of Texas’ entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others look for health insurance coverage on their own. That’s where the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual market kicks in, and in Texas, it’s stronger than ever.

1 big thing: This year, Texas hit record-breaking enrollment, with over 3.5 million residents signed up for health insurance through the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • Why it matters: The ACA’s individual market increases coverage, which in turn, increases access. Health insurance helps Texans get preventive care and earlier disease diagnosis, and avoid unnecessary, expensive ER visits. Additionally? Insurance coverage means covered Texans are twice as likely to have their mental health care needs met.

Takeaway #2: Texas is more competitive than ever. For four years running, Texas stands out with the most robust individual health insurance market in the U.S. With 15 insurers offering diverse plan options, the Lone Star State is unmatched in insurer participation.

Takeaway #3: And thanks to competition, coverage is more affordable than ever.

Takeaway #4: Individual market enrollment is growing, continuing to prove itself as a solution to address the uninsured.

  • The story isn’t over: As the market grows, we expect even more participation and enrollment in the years to come.
  • Nearly a third of uninsured Texans are estimated to qualify for a free plan.

Takeaway #5: TAHP has a new one-pager, outlining all of the ways individual market coverage is working to reduce the uninsured in Texas through affordable, high-quality health care.

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