Medicaid Monday: Care Coordination Creates Better Outcomes and Savings

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By: TAHP | Monday, April 12, 2021

April 12, 2021

Today’s Texas Medicaid is more than health care coverage—it connects Texans to the personalized care and support they need to stay healthy and live the fullest lives possible while creating efficiencies that benefit everyone.‍

One of the most important and unique aspects of Medicaid managed care is care coordination. Medicaid managed care gives Texans with complex medical needs access to caring health plan nurses that provide one-on-one support and walk families through the complicated health care system. These amazing nurses and care coordinators go above and beyond to ensure that the families have the care and support they need—services that go beyond the walls of a doctor’s office, including help with arranging transportation, coordinating meals, navigating challenges in schools, and assisting with employment.

The focus on prevention, wellness, and care coordination—getting Texans the care they need to get healthy, stay healthy, and live in their communities—has translated into better care and lower costs. Millions of Texans—including children, pregnant moms, older Texans, and Texans with disabilities—have seen improved outcomes and Texas taxpayers have saved more than $5 billion.

MCOs achieved these savings by ensuring clients receive the right care, at the right time and in the right setting. This is especially important for clients with medically complex conditions which may require seeing multiple specialists and receiving a variety of therapies.

For more information about care coordination, visit Texas Medicaid Works. To learn more about Medicaid managed care and why TAHP supports it, visit our Medicaid managed care policy page.

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