Medicaid Monday: Medicaid Managed Care Nurses Make a Difference

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By: TAHP | Monday, May 9, 2022

By Jessica Lynch

Did you know National Nurses Week is now Nurses Month? Extended in 2020 to recognize the extraordinary efforts of nurses during the early days of the pandemic, the American Nurses Association adopted the evergreen theme “Nurses Make a Difference.” At TAHP, we want to acknowledge the positive impact Medicaid managed care nurses have on the lives of their patients.

Medicaid health plan nurses provide personalized, coordinated care for Texans who need it most. Managed care nurses assess members to ensure they receive the care they need, evaluate care plans to ensure they benefit members and are cost effective for taxpayers, and teach members and their caregivers about the importance of preventive care to get healthy and stay healthy. These actions improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs for the state. For Medicaid nurses, it is more than a job—it is an act of service.

What do nurses mean to families using Texas Medicaid?

“It’s just been a blessing to know that we have somebody that we can call, that we can count on, that just helps us through those difficult times.”

“It’s just good to know that you’ve got someone there supporting you. She has been our advocate and an advocate for Christabel. She has helped speak for her. She has given her a voice.”

“I appreciate all that Diana did for me, and I thank her because at a time when I needed someone the most to help me make that important decision of where my other would be placed and what would be best for her, she helped me make what I think was the best choice I’ve made for my mother.”

In short, Texas Medicaid managed care nurses make a difference. Thank you, nurses!

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