Medicaid Monday: Managed Care Plans Deliver During COVID-19

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By: TAHP | Monday, May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021

In the last decade, Medicaid managed care transformed Texas Medicaid into a more efficient and effective system that helps Texans live healthy and full lives. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how managed care can respond to patient and community needs beyond what is available through a fee-for-service model.

Encouraging & Expanding Telemedicine
Now more than ever, patients need to receive care from the safety and convenience of their homes. Managed care plans have significantly expanded telehealth programs and are eliminating patient costs for telehealth services to encourage the use of these programs.

Addressing Social Barriers to Care
During the pandemic, many social, cultural, and physical barriers to care increased. Medicaid managed care plans help patients navigate these barriers by including arranging transportation, coordinating meals, and navigating challenges with work and school where needed. By making sure patients can connect to care in a timely and consistent manner, Medicaid managed care helps patients control chronic conditions, achieve a higher quality of life, and avoid expensive emergency services.

Supporting Local Communities & Front-Line Workers
Health plans are enabling their doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical experts to serve on the front lines and are providing communities with additional services, such as digital risk assessment tools and emotional support lines, at no charge. They are working with state, federal, and local officials to adapt regulations to effectively deliver coverage.

Expanding Access to Testing, Treatment and Vaccinations
Medicaid recognizes that everyone should be able to get COVID-19 tests, treatment and vaccines. That’s why managed care plans are eliminating patient costs for testing and related services; meaning no copay, coinsurance, or deductible is required from the patient. They are further covering the doctor visits, hospital stays, and treatments that patients need to recover. No one should hesitate to get tested, treated or vaccinated for COVID-19 because of costs.

Improving Access to Medication
Medicaid managed care plans play a critical role in ensuring patients have quick access to the medicine they need at controlled costs. To ensure that patients have enough of their medication on hand and to limit exposure to COVID-19, health plans have eased early refill restrictions on prescriptions and increased options for home delivery.

Providing Personalized Care & Coordination
Managed care plans ensure Texans with complex medical needs have access to caring health plan nurses who provide one-on-one support and walk families through every step of the complicated health care system. This coordination is even more essential during the COVID-19 crisis.

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