Medicaid Health Plans Step Up to Protect Coverage for Texans

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By: TAHP | Friday, June 30, 2023

Now that the pandemic is over, the State of Texas is reviewing the eligibility of nearly 2.7 million Texans who had their Medicaid benefits extended during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our top concern: Texas Medicaid is an essential part of health care coverage, helping improve the health and financial security of more than 5 million Texans, including children, new moms, Texans ages 65+, people with disabilities, and veterans. Our top priority is preventing individuals from losing their coverage.

Texas Medicaid health insurance plans have stepped up, playing a vital role in helping families renew their coverage and ensuring continued access to the care they need.

Here’s what they’re doing:

  • Cook Children’s Health Plan is proactively reaching out to families digitally and providing direct assistance to those who need help renewing their eligibility. Their website and member portal now highlight renewal information, ensuring it’s the first thing members see. Plus, anyone who calls the health plan gets informed about the coverage changes and gets help with their application.
  • Community First Health Plan is taking a hands-on approach to reach out directly to their Medicaid families. Their strategies include engaging with the community, distributing tailored materials, and sharing information that their members need most. They have implemented a pop-up feature on their homepage that directs families to a pagefilled with valuable resources, including a detailed renewal guide in English and Spanish. Additionally, they’re helping health care providers reach out to their patients who may be affected, providing them with materials that will aid in re-enrollment.
  • El Paso Health has created a support system for families through its Case Assistance Affiliates program. These Affiliates are dedicated professionals who provide personalized help for individuals needing to update their coverage. Families or individuals seeking assistance can make an appointment at a local community site for help with account updates and submitting their Medicaid application to the state. Bilingual assistance is also available, ensuring everyone can get the help they need.
  • Molina Healthcare is making every effort to help their families maintain coverage. They have mobilized over 60 Case Assistance Affiliates, all dedicated to providing personal assistance to families navigating the eligibility process. Additionally, Molina is conducting targeted outreach, including a mix of phone calls, texts, emails, postcards, and alerts. The goal is to provide a personal and human touch to this process, ensuring families are supported every step of the way. Molina is ensuring that providers are kept in the loop so that they can offer one-on-one assistance to their patients.
  • Superior HealthPlan is reaching out directly and offering personalized assistance to families, particularly those with high healthcare needs. They provide information, resources, and application help to ensure families can navigate the renewal process. Their staff is on standby to answer questions and link families to additional community resources. Special attention is given to high-risk families and healthcare providers, equipping them with custom-made eligibility education and resources.

The bottom line: As we navigate these changes in Medicaid coverage following the pandemic, the mission is clear: no Texan should be left behind. The Medicaid health plans across Texas remain committed to ensuring as many people as possible continue to benefit from this crucial healthcare coverage.

Do you need to renew your Medicaid coverage? Here is what Texas is doing.

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