Testimony Opposing HB 5274: Expedited Credentialing

We write to express our opposition to HB 5274, which proposes an annual review of provider types that should be added to expedited credentialing in the Medicaid program. We believe that such a review would not only be bureaucratic and unnecessary but would also lead to an overuse of expedited credentialing, undermining its intended purpose and increasing costs.

The current credentialing process in Texas is effective, as it ensures that providers’ competence and quality of care are assessed before they join a managed care organization (MCO) and provide services to our most vulnerable populations. Moreover, the streamlined credentialing process resulting from SB 200 (84R) has already led to a significant reduction in provider abrasion and a more efficient process overall. There is no evidence to suggest that further expanding expedited credentialing will improve health outcomes or increase access.

View the full written testimony.

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