One-Pager Supporting HB 711: Support Healthy Markets in Texas

Texas employers and families are struggling to pay rising hospital and health care costs.

Texas has a highly-concentrated health care market:

  • A majority of Texas’ population (61%) lives in “highly” or “very highly concentrated” hospital market concentration, as compared to 3% in California and 10% in Illinois.

Texans are concerned about the cost of health care:

  • In a recent Texas Association of Business poll, Texans shared that health care cost increases were a greater concern than inflation.
  • On average, employer-sponsored health insurance now costs $22,000 per covered family, which is about one-third of the median wage of a Texas household.
  • Unsustainable health care costs threaten businesses, squeezing profits and reducing growth.

View the full coalition one-pager here.

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