One-Pager: Mandates Overview 2022

What is a mandate and why should you care?

Mandates are state-based legislation that require Texas employers and individuals to pay more for their health insurance coverage by forcing insurance companies to:

  • Pay higher prices
  • Pay for extra benefits and extra regulations abovethe Affordable Care Act
  • Contract with more expensive providersThe end result is more expensive health insurance, often with no additional value for Texans and Texas employers

5th highest premium hikes in 2022: After last session, Texans faced 13% increases while national premiums were flat—the result of government mandates and out-of-control prices.

3rd in the nation: Texas has more mandates above the Affordable Care Act than almost any state.

Leading on High-Cost Mandates: Texas has mandates that few or no other states have.
For example, Texas mandates that your formulary can’t be updated if a new, more affordable prescription alternative comes on the market. This increases the cost of prescription drugs. 
Just 3 states have this mandate.

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