One Pager in Support of HB 2414: Modernizes Health Plans to Help Patients find Lower Cost Options

Texas Health Care Leaders Support HB 2414:

What’s the problem? Patients lack incentives to choose the lowest cost and highest value health providers, and health plans are prohibited from creating incentives to help patients be smart shoppers. When patients face costs above their deductible limits, they have little incentive to shop around.

The Back Story:

  • Outdated state laws ban health plans from incentivizing patients to “shop for” or use low-cost, high-quality providers.
  • That includes creating innovative lowering deductibles and decreasing copayments if a patient picks a higher value provider.
  • These types of incentive based benefit designs are common for large employer health plans that are exempt from our state’s antiquated insurance rules.
  • In fact, one study found that innovative health plans with networks that reward patients who shop for high value care actually lowered medical spending by 5%.

View the full one-pager here.

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