Health Insurance

Texans with health insurance coverage have undeniably better health outcomes and access to care than those without.

  • We negotiate lower prices with doctors, hospitals, and drug companies and then pass on savings as lower premiums.
  • Health coverage encourages preventative care which leads to better health outcomes. Many preventive services—like screenings for cancer, high cholesterol, depression and diabetes—are 100% covered.
  • Health plans cover the millions of Texans with preexisting conditions from cancer, to diabetes, to asthma, to chronic pain.
  • The variety of health plans in the market means that they are competing to offer the best value and best type of plan for payers.
  • The benefits offered by health insurance are regulated and guaranteed unlike other health products which are buyer beware.
  • Health plans provide coverage for mental health support.

Doing Our Part

  • Health insurance helps keep families and communities healthy. Our health plans serve more than 20 million Texans.
  • 82% of Texans are protected by health coverage, with more than 15 million Texans covered by private insurance, mostly through their employers.
  • Insurers pay over $2.5 billion in state premium taxes.
  • Insurers employ 34,105 Texans with a payroll of $2.4 billion.
  • Health insurance is the single largest tax break for employers, valued at over $329 billion nationally—lowering the cost of premiums by 32% for employer.

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