Interim Hearings on TAHP Priority Issues!

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By: TAHP | Monday, December 4, 2017

Posted By: Jessica Sandlin

Upcoming Interim Hearings: Several committees in the House and Senate have begun planning their interim hearings:

  • House Insurance has scheduled a hearing next week on Wednesday December 6th to hear all of its health care-related charges. These includes charges on stabilizing the health insurance market in Texas, balance billing, prescription drug coverage and PBM transparency. The posting can be found here.
  • The House Committee on Human Services has scheduled a hearing for December 13th to discuss HHSC’s implementation of Rider 219 in Article II (Health and Human Service) of the state’s budget. Rider 219 directs HHSC to study potential cost savings in administration of prescription drug benefits. This includes considering a single state-wide claims processor and transitioning MCO pricing for pharmacies to the National Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC) methodology, plus a dispensing fee set by HHSC. TAHP plans to testify. The posting can be found here.
  • Senate Business and Commerce will hold a hearing on January 23, 2018, at the University of Houston to hear its health care-related charges as well as the charge on windstorm insurance. Health care-related charges include a charge to study the individual health insurance market in Texas, specifically considering the flexibility afforded by 1332 state innovation waivers. The committee will also hear testimony related to its charge to monitor the settlement of out-of-network health benefit claims involving balance billing. The posting can be found here.

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