TAHP Medical + Pharmacy Directors Forum – June 2023

These invitation-only events offer our health plan Medical and Pharmacy Directors the unique opportunity to interface with their peers and hear from state and national experts as they discuss common challenges and best practices.

Austin, TX

Hampton Inn, San Jacinto Room, 200 San Jacinto Blvd

Jun 21, 2023

9:00 am - 3:30 pm



AltuviiioTM [antihemophilic factor (recombinant), Fc-VWF-XTEN fusion protein-ehtl], a first-in-class, high-sustained Factor VIII replacement therapy for patients with hemophilia A

Learn about AltuviiioTM [antihemophilic factor (recombinant), Fc-VWF-XTEN fusion protein-ehtl], a novel von Willebrand Factor (VWF) independent recombinant factor VIII therapy that is designed to extend protection from bleeds with once-weekly prophylactic dosing for adults and children with hemophilia A. Altuviiio has a 3 to 4-fold longer half-life relative to standard and extended half-life factor VIII products. It is the first factor VIII therapy that has been shown to break through the von Willebrand factor ceiling, which imposes a half-life limitation on earlier generation factor VIII therapies.

Speaker: Erik Schindler, PharmD, BCPS, Associate Director of Medical Value & Outcomes, Sanofi


UNITY Screen: The Only NIPT To Assess Fetal Risk Beyond Chromosome Abnormalities

Learn about BillionToOne’s UNITY Screen, which is highly accurate at assessing fetal risk for recessive conditions and can identify more at-risk pregnancies than traditional carrier screening alone. With a 93.3% sensitivity, UNITY Screen provides a personalized fetal risk score without needing a paternal sample and has the potential to reduce the cost of identifying one affected pregnancy by 62%. Come learn more about how UNITY Screen may not only save significant costs but also supports more equitable prenatal care.

Speakers: Carrie McGehee, VP of Market Access and Rachel Doyle, MS, CGC, Senior Medical Science Liaison, BillionToOne

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How JUDI® Outpaces Legacy Platforms To Give You More Control and Efficiency

Our presentation will showcase 21st century claim processing technology, emphasizing the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability that it can offer. Specifically, we will focus on our platform JUDI and its Tag and Override features, which simplifies the configuration of benefit designs within minutes. We will highlight a real-life example of how JUDI quickly and efficiently handled a New York State Department of Health mandate, within minutes to ensure compliance compared to the legacy platforms that companies are still using. By emphasizing the benefits of modern technology, we aim to show how it can streamline and improve efficiency, reducing cost and maintaining compliance of pharmacy benefit operations.

Speakers: Jessin Joseph, Pharm D, MBA, Senior Director PBA Services and Phil Vecchiolli, SVP/General Manager, PBA Services, CapitalRx

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Lunch and Presentation from Dr. Lakey, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at The University of Texas System

The Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium : A novel approach to addressing the mental health needs of our kids.

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Building Healthier Communities: The Power of Technology to Facilitate Community Investment

In this presentation, Unite Us will discuss the growing momentum in the United States toward funding community-based organizations to improve non-medical drivers of health. The talk will also cover new models of funding and sustainable solutions, as well as how technology can facilitate more efficient and sustainable funding for these organizations through the braiding and blending of resources. Attendees will gain insights into the potential for technology to transform community investment and drive better health outcomes.

Speaker: Melissa Sherry, VP of Social Care Integration, Unite Us

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Keeping Healthcare Personal in the Age of AI: How Technology Can Enable Person-to-Person Connections to Engage Members, Improve Outcomes, and Meet Metrics

The world is buzzing with excitement about Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT in particular, and healthcare is no different. Yet, we know from experience that patients in our medication engagement program crave and value person-to-person connections. As health plans consider digital programs to help them engage their members, improve outcomes, and meet metrics, they can’t afford to prematurely adopt AI interventions and sacrifice quality of care. In this presentation, experts will discuss the power of tech enabled relationships, the role of trust and engagement in improving outcomes and pharmacy metrics, and the importance of multimodal interventions when considering the use of AI in healthcare.

Speaker: Sebastian Seiguer, JD, MBA, Co-Founder & CEO of Scene Health.

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Reimagined Blood Testing for Today’s Consumer

One in 3 commercially insured adults skip routine blood work, risking delayed diagnosis and mismanaged conditions. Blood testing hasn’t changed much in 70 years, yet consumers expect increased convenience and more modern approaches to managing their health. The team at Babson Diagnostics will share recent innovations for closing adherence gaps in routine blood testing by expanding member access with alternative collection methodologies and still delivering the quality test results members and their clinicians depend on.

Speaker: Eric Olson, Founder, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer and Dominic Weilbaecher, VP, Payer Relations, Babson Diagnostics

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Supporting Women’s Eye Health

Vision care is a seen as a must-have benefit for consumers and is a critical component of a holistic health plan. Versant Health Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Neelam Gor will take a closer look at how health plans and their managed vision care teams are uniquely positioned to support women’s eye health in a variety of circumstances, including pregnancy. Dr. Gor will provide an in-depth look at the surprising ways that routine vision care can support early intervention across a number of chronic diseases – especially those that disproportionately impact women – and will highlight ways that the broader health care ecosystem can better support women’s vision care

Speaker: Dr. Neelam Gor, Chief Clinical Officer, Versant Health

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Rachel Doyel, MS, CGC

Senior Medical Science Liaison, BillionToOne

Jessin Joseph, Pharm D, MBA

Senior Director PBA Services, CapitalRx

David Lakey, M.D.

Vice Chancellor, Health Affairs & Chief Medical Officer, The University of Texas System

Carrie McGehee

VP of Market Access, BillionToOne

Eric Olson

Founder, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Babson Diagnostics

Erik Schindler, PharmD, BCPS

Associate Director of Medical Value & Outcomes, Sanofi

Melissa Sherry

VP of Social Care Integration, Unite Us

Phil Vecchiolli

SVP/General Manager, PBA Services, CapitalRx

Dominic Weilbaecher

VP Payer Relations, Babson Diagnostics

Sebastian Seiguer, JD, MBA,

Co-Founder & CEO of Scene Health

Dr. Neelam Gor

Chief Clinical Officer, Versant Health

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