Policy Papers

April 2024

How Does Texas Medicaid Managed Care Work?

Who Is Texas Medicaid?

March 2024

Texans Covered@Work

January 2024

Individual Health Coverage is Getting More Affordable in Texas

December 2023

One-Pager: Medical Management Means Smart Care for Texas Patients

September 2023

TAHP’s HB 290 RFI Response

May 2023

Written Testimony Opposing HB 625: PT Copay Parity Mandate

Testimony Supporting HB 2802: MCO Texting

April 2023

Coalition Letter Supporting SB 1581: HIMARC

Coalition Letter Opposing SB 724/HB 1726/SB 1043: Telehealth Payment Parity Mandates

Coalition Letter Opposing CSHB 2021: ERISA Prescription Drug Mandate

Coalition Letter Supporting HB 711: Addressing Market Consolidation

Coalition Letter Supporting HB 1073/SB 1135: Value-Based Care

March 2023

Individual Market One-Pager

Coalition Letter Supporting SB 1581: HIMARC

Coalition Letter Supporting HB 12: Extend Medicaid Postpartum Coverage to 12 Months

Coalition Letter Supporting HB 1001 and SB 605: Mandate-Lite Options

Expanding Affordable Coverage Options

February 2023

Dispensing the Facts on the Medicaid Preferred Drug List

Surprise Billing

January 2023

The Prescription for a Healthier Texas Medicaid

Healthier Texans Through Healthier Markets

December 2022

Texas Health Plans Cover More than 20 Million Texans